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You Should Listen to Podcasts

You Should Listen to Podcasts published on No Comments on You Should Listen to Podcasts

podcastsYou should listen to podcasts. I know they’re not a new thing. Podcasts have technically been around since about 2004, but I’ve found that people are still not taking advantage of this medium as much as they should. I’m guilty of only recently (within the last year) starting to listen to them myself, but as you can tell from my articles, I love to learn and this is just another great and convenient way to do that. For those who don’t know, a podcast is essentially a talk radio show that you can download or stream and listen to at your convenience.podcast-dude The ease in which one can create and distribute this content has led to a library of shows, on almost any topic you can think of. That’s why there’s no excuse for you not to find one that speaks to you. Here are three I really enjoy!

philosophize-thisI first discovered these shows when I downloaded Google Play Music. At the time I was getting back into studying philosophy, and I wondered “is there something I could listen to instead of reading”. From there I found a show called Philosophize This!. It’s a great educational show that takes you through the history of philosophy, and the host is very good. I used to go running and listen to an episode. It helped me combine exercising and learning and distracted me so I would end up running farther then I expected to (be careful of this… I was very sore the next day the first time this happened haha).

The next one I found and highly recommend is The Bevan James Eyles Show (The Fitness Behavior Podcast). I was on a fitness-behaviorwalk one day in between clients (I’m a personal trainer) and I was wondering if I could find a podcast that would help my clients. The first one I found was this show. It is great, and one that can really help you make positive changes in your view of things and your life. Like the title says, it focuses on the behaviors behind what we do as opposed to other fitness podcasts that focus on particular exercises to do. A lot of the information is transferable to all parts of our lives, and not just for health and fitness. I myself have found it very useful, and it has helped many of my clients make positive changes as well.

hit-continueThis brings me to the last of my top three favourite shows, and this is the part where I shamelessly plug our own podcast Hit Continue. Truthfully though, I am a fan. It is a gaming and variety show hosted by Greg Pilkington. Every week the guys talk about what they’re playing, watching, and things going on in the gaming and entertainment world. It’s very entertaining, and I always end up learning something, or come out of it wanting to watch a new show, or play a new game. Like most podcasts it is available on Google Play, and Apple Music. Unlike the other two I mentioned, this one is more comedy based, and feels like your just hanging out with friends as you listen to it. If you are into gaming and pop culture, definitely give it a listen.

These are just three of the shows that I really enjoy, but truthfully there are podcasts on pretty much anything. So, rather then just listening to the radio on your commute, or while you’re doing your work around the house, throw on a podcast and learn something (especially ours! Haha). Let us know what some of your favourite podcasts are!

You Should Listen to Podcasts
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You Should Listen to Podcasts
Cole discusses three of his favourite podcasts.
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