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What We Can Learn From Anime

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Watching anime may seem frivolous to some, but to me it has been anything but. These shows have allowed me to look at the world from different perspectives, given me insight into the human condition, and sparked many creative, psychological and philosophical ideas. There is a lot more to this medium than pure entertainment. It is an art form that allows the telling of stories that could not be told in any other medium.It is a place where a creator’s true vision can come to life and be shared with others. The medium allows for easily suspended belief for the viewer as you are not mixing live action with CGI, and are not limited in2015-07-17_09.24.53 environments and designs by a budget. Because of this we get a truly immersive and emotion filled story telling. The length that creators can work with allows for true character development where over sometimes decades you watch a character learn, make mistakes and grow. Due to this we can gain some very interesting insight, and learn things that can help us in our own lives. Inspired by this I am going to write a series of articles detailing what we can learn from anime. Stay tuned for next week’s article talking about the fairly new and very popular “Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon”.

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What We Can Learn From Anime
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What We Can Learn From Anime
Cole Elliot talks about what we can learn from anime - a brief explanation of why anime is a art form and a lead in to future series of articles.

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