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Voltron Season 2

Voltron Season 2 published on No Comments on Voltron Season 2

I really enjoyed the first season. It was mindless fun you could sit down, turn your brain off, and just enjoy. Power Rangers in space with characters and humor similar to Avatar, what’s not to like? The first season gave us awesome character development, world building (universe building), and a great sense of foreboding for things to come. I eagerly anticipated the second season, and watched it right away when it came out. Was it as good as the first?

The second season is less light-hearted, and explores less of the universe than the first. It starts with a narrow escape from Zarkon, and moves on from there primarily focusing on the need to defeat him. We get a little more character development, and the Paladins, must learn to connect further with their lions in order to defeat Zarkon. It is still a fun season, but I did not nearly enjoy it a s much as the first. It seemed like a middle novel in a trilogy, there to carry the plot forward, but without much substance to really get into. Another problem that was apparent in the first season, but becomes even more apparent in the second is the use of Deus Ex Machina in nearly every conflict. Hey we are in a dire situation, oh wait, we have semi sentient magical lions that will suddenly have an ability appear that we didn’t know about just when we would need it… without having to work for it… That is not good story telling, and as a viewer it starts to become annoying. There is no sense of accomplishment in watching the Paladins gain the abilities, and at the same time there is no tension in the fights because you know that the magic spaceship lions will have a solution.

The second season is definitely more about the characters than the plot. Which ends up working because each of the characters in this show are great. The relationships and humour are very well done, and still progressing. The characters are really what keep you watching. I would definitely gives season 2 a go, especially if you liked season 1. They flow nicely into each other and are easily binged.

Let us know what your thoughts on season 2 were, or the show in general.

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Voltron Season 2
Cole discusses his thoughts on the second season of Voltron.
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