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The Future Diaries – What Would Your Future Diary Be?

The Future Diaries – What Would Your Future Diary Be? published on No Comments on The Future Diaries – What Would Your Future Diary Be?


Future Diaries is a very dark and thought provoking anime. Greg wrote about this anime earlier (check it out here) and he and our friend Alex told me I had to watch it. Like Greg said in his post this is a mature anime, for mature audiences. You are going to see some disturbing images. Basically 12 people are chosen and given the ability to see into the future based on their diaries, yunoand must kill each other off until only one remains. What I thought was really cool about this show was the diaries themselves. Depending on what the person documented in their diaries prior to being given the ability to see into the future alters what their diaries will show them. For example in the show there is an ‘indiscriminate’ diary that describes everything around a character because he used to write about everything that happened around him. We also see a terrorist with an ‘escape’ diary that tells her how to escape for different situations. There are many more, all very unique, and it got me thinking what mine would be like.

At first, I thought it could be the ability to see the weekly article I will write, which would be kind of cool. For one I wouldn’t have to sit down and write it anymore, just copy and paste (that would be nice haha). But, it would also allow me to gain some insight into what I learned watching, and reading different media without having to spend the time doing it. Could be useful, but not the best future diary. There had to be something better.

Diary-and-keyI then realized that I have been keeping a diary of sorts over the years and one that would actually be useful (at least to me personally). When I was in high school, and a huge procrastinator, I had the beautiful idea that if I became fast at typing I could start projects even later and still be able to complete them. In order to do this I started sitting down and typing whatever popped into my head as fast as I could. It would start out by me describing what I was hearing around me, then morphing into nonsensical sentences, and finally to my surprise whatever had been bothering me would start to flood out onto the page. Things I didn’t even know were bothering me would find their way out of my subconscious. I would then be able to dissect these problems and come up with solutions. Not only did my typing speed and accuracy improve immensely, but it was therapeutic and stress relieving. After completing a “mind dump’ as I called them, I would feel clear headed, focused, and more in control.  Even after I improved my typing speed to where I wanted it to be, I kept up this practice over the years, revisiting it whenever I felt stressed or had writers block. This would be awesome as a future diary because I would have an in-depth look into all the moments in my life where I felt overwhelmed and stressed, and the realizations and solutions I came up with because of them. It would be like a personalized self-help book to get me through the toughest times in my life. I can’t think of a better future diary… you know as long as it didn’t come at the cost of being in a murder filled survival game…

Watching this anime has reminded me of this practice, and it is a tool I will continue to use. If you have never done it before I highly recommend trying it. It is amazing the clarity that can come to you and the relief you will feel. Grab a pen and paper, your laptop, or even the voice recorder on your phone and just start typing/talking. Don’t think about what to say, just start with whatever imagescomes to your mind and then follow the thought down the rabbit hole to what has been eating at you. You may find things that have been bothering you, or goals you may want to achieve that you were not aware of before. This is also a useful tool for students, and writers that are experiencing writers block. If you don’t know what to write, try this exercise of just writing whatever pops into your head and soon you will be well on your way to finishing your work.

Give it a try, and let me know down below what would your future diary be.

The Future Diaries - What Would Your Future Diary Be?
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The Future Diaries - What Would Your Future Diary Be?
Cole discusses what his future diary would be.

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