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The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters published on No Comments on The Deadly Tower of Monsters

the-deadly-tower-of-monstersIf you ask my friends, I am terrible for starting a game, playing a good way through it, and then never finishing it, or picking it up again. Haha oops! It is something I have been trying to get better with, but that is why I really enjoy the free games that come with a PlayStation Gold Membership. Every month you get two free games. This ends up more then paying for your subscription by the end of the year, and also lets you enjoy a lot of lesser known games, as well as great indie games. For me this is great because I get to enjoy new games every month and I didn’t “pay” for them, so I don’t feel so bad not finishing them. The funny part though is lately I have been beating them.

The one I’ve been enjoying right now is called ‘The Deadly Tower of Monsters’. It’s kind of like the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’ where it reallyspace-ship doesn’t try and hide what it is. There is a giant tower filled with monsters and you must get to the top. It is a top down shooter/slasher game, and there are your standard weapon power ups and character level ups which keep it interesting to keep playing. The part that really hooked me though is the style they chose to tell the story. They could have gone the tired route where you are an astronaut that crash lands and blah blah blah get to the top of the tower, but they don’t… well not necessarily. While yes, in a way that is the plot, the story is told as if you are watching a movie. The game is portrayed as if it is the new DVD release of an old space movie, where the director has come back to do the commentary. As you are playing the director will chime in and tell you dinosaurwhy they did certain things with the set, why the plot is going the way it is, or how they came up with the ridiculous monsters you are facing, etc. It is all very funny and entertaining. Truth be told, if that was not the gambit for this game I would probably not still be playing it. I thought it was such an original idea for a tired concept that it keeps me playing just to hear all about how this “movie” was made.

If you like slashers, and old space movies, I would definitely recommend giving it a download. Especially if you have a gold PlayStation membership because then, hey it’s free and why not. We are always looking for more games to play and review, so let us know what your favourite free downloads have been with PlayStation or Xbox.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters
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The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Cole discusses The Deadly Tower of Monsters
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