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The Adventure Begins! – Broken Wing

The Adventure Begins! – Broken Wing published on No Comments on The Adventure Begins! – Broken Wing

Broken Wing, a webcomic by James Pantuso and Scott Watmough

It begins in a world we no longer recognize. The toxicity of the planet leaves only the privileged and powerful with a safe place to live. Those who remain are left to squabble over the scraps of civilization, eking out a living playing war for those who have the luxury of declaring it.

Our new comic starts now.

For those of you that don’t know us yet, we’re a startup comic production company called Low Five Productions. We produce online Web Comics, Lets Plays, and Web Shorts. We have an awesome crew of people who are working hard at something they love. Check us out on twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and like us on Facebook for all our updates!


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