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037 – Aerial Shot

037 – Aerial Shot published on No Comments on 037 – Aerial Shot

Billy needs a valet, Scotts avoids the yips, and Greg jumps on the cringe wagon; next stop: embarrassment. It’s Hit Continue 37, you midair assassins!

Music: Kevin Macleod “Cyborg Ninja” & “Mighty Like Us” @

030 – James Perfect

030 – James Perfect published on No Comments on 030 – James Perfect

James is winning, Scott is train drifting, and Greg is gathering a tribe. It’s Hit Continue 30, you one punchers!

Music: Kevin Macleod “Cyborg Ninja” & “Mighty Like Us” @

Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon published on No Comments on Pokemon Moon

pokemon-moonI’m a grown man, and I still play Pokemon… Sue me, I grew up with these games. Haha When I was in elementary school I fixed an original Game Boy a kid gave me, so that I could play the first Pokemon game – Red (the best version!). I continued to play that game on long family trips, when we were stuck in the car for hours. I did that for years. I even had a game-shark so I could cheat and start the game off with Mewtwo. Then I stopped, and never picked up any of the new versions. To me there were only 151 Pokemon. That’s until a couple years ago when the original Pokemon show came on Netflix, and my roommate at the time started watching it. I had such nostalgia that I went out the next night after we binged a ton of episodes, and not only bought the newest game at the time, Pokemon Y, but also a Nintendo 3Ds XL. It was a blast playing through that game. I had the best team! And I challenge anyone who says other wise! I skipped buying and playing Ruby and Sapphire because they seemed too similar to X and Y. However, when I started to read about Sun and Moon I knew I had to play it.Continue reading Pokemon Moon

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