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028 – The Slowest Drumbeat

028 – The Slowest Drumbeat published on No Comments on 028 – The Slowest Drumbeat

James buffs his intelligence stat, Scott hates wasting bullets, and Greg becomes a turtle. It’s Hit Continue 28, you status buffers.

Music: Kevin Macleod “Cyborg Ninja” & “Mighty Like Us” @

027 – Budget The Stripper

027 – Budget The Stripper published on No Comments on 027 – Budget The Stripper

Greg praises Nier, Scott starts some decoupage, and our special guest Penner wants more Hulk and a lot less Banner. It’s Hit Continue 27, you rippers!

Music: Kevin Macleod “Cyborg Ninja” & “Mighty Like Us” @

Also I wanted to make a quick note for all of our listeners: thank you all for listening. It’s been a blast producing the podcast and getting all of your feedback. As a preliminary heads up though, Low Five’s website will be going through a major overhaul soon(to be determined). As a result, the podcasts will be switching feeds which may cause our subscribers to have to resubscribe. On the positive side of this though, episodes will be released and re-released at their best quality rather than being compressed to fit our website restrictions. As always, we’ll be hitting continue on the next episode, and I’ll see you on the other side, Ray. Thanks for all the love.


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