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044 – Moisture is the Essence of Jaegars

044 – Moisture is the Essence of Jaegars published on No Comments on 044 – Moisture is the Essence of Jaegars

Billy catches us up Dragon Ball Super, Scott likes tiny people with large guns, and Greg has one less thing to read. It’s Hit Continue 44, you dynasty warriors.

Music: Kevin Macleod “Cyborg Ninja” & “Mighty Like Us” @

Fairy Tail – Overcoming Sorrow

Fairy Tail – Overcoming Sorrow published on No Comments on Fairy Tail – Overcoming Sorrow


Natsu - igneel's death
Fairy Tail – Overcoming Sorrow

This week it’s time to return to ‘what we can learn from anime’. Over the weekend I caught up on one of my favourite anime’s Fairy Tail, and it had a very touching moment. Fairy Tail is an epic about a guild who’s members play an integral role in shaping the future of the land around them. Basically it is wacky, fun, and often very touching, but also has awesome powers, and amazing battles. It touches on themes of family, friendship, loss, and overcoming all odds. It was in a heartfelt scene near the end of the current season that Natsu, a main character of the show, teaches us what to do in times of sorrow.Continue reading Fairy Tail – Overcoming Sorrow

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