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Riverdale – Hit or Flop?

Riverdale – Hit or Flop? published on 1 Comment on Riverdale – Hit or Flop?

I was surprised to see this advertised when I first saw it on Netflix, and it was fun putting two and two together reading the synopsis – “is this Archie comics?”. I was never really into the comics growing up, but one of my best friends sure was, so because of that, and at the behest of my girlfriend, I watched the first three episodes. Now, I realise I am not the target audience for this show, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

The idea for this show is strange, let’s take a classic day-in-the-life, funny, heartfelt comic, and make it a gritty teen-angsty murder mystery. That would be fine, but there is a difference when you transfer something into live action, it is harder to suspend an audiences disbelief. This is where this show falters for me. Like most high-school drama shows, it is filled with tropes and cliches. Normally that isn’t an issue, it is expected and just because something is a cliche doesn’t mean it has to be bad. There is a reason something becomes a cliche or trope. The problem lies when you throw them in just because with out any explanation for them being there. That’s my problem with this show. It’s as if every character has a cliche, and then the writers turned them up as high as they can go. For instance, it is fair to create a character that is a bitchy cheerleader if you give a reason for her to be that way. It seems fake though when she is just bitchy for the sake of being bitchy and that dial is turned up to ten. Almost all the characters in this show (except for two that I’ve seen so far) are like this.

Riverdale is also not funny. If you are a fan of the comics and are looking for that in the show you will be disappointed. (You can see it in the two pictures here – fun Jughead / brooding Jughead.)  In the first three episodes we see someone get murdered, statutory rape from a teacher, and the two female leads humiliate and borderline sexually assault a football player (he was a dick, but still). I hope in the episodes to come the writers give the characters more depth, or tone them down and portray them more how real human beings would act.

Riverdale has a stupidly high rating on IMDB for how bad it is haha (which doesn’t really make sense when you jump into the review section and over half are poor reviews). All that being said, every female I have talked to has liked this show, and every male has not. I would skip this show if I was you, however, there is always the slightest chance that it will get better as it goes on (but I doubt it), If your dying for a teen drama, go back and watch The OC, or Vampire Diaries.

What are your thoughts on this show? Like it or hate it?

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Riverdale - Hit or Flop?
Cole talks about his impressions of Riverdale 2017.
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I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t believe how many websites are saying it’s “vital” or “sexy” and a “must-watch”. I like different takes, etc when it comes to adaptations, but the execution was too terrible- almost as bad as MTVs Scream. Let it be known that this female did not like this show at all.

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