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Random Thoughts for the Week

Random Thoughts for the Week published on No Comments on Random Thoughts for the Week

This will be another one of those things where I give you all a quick glimpse into where my mind has wandered over the past few days. Again, some may be important, some may not.

overwatch-heroes1. Overwatch: I’ve been playing Overwatch pretty much since it came out. It’s the perfect blend of insanity, fun, and
competitiveness for me. Where else am I going to be able to play as a hyper-intelligent gorilla who uses a giant electrical gun? Or what accounts to a ghost dual-wielding shotguns? Or a guy on roller-blades who heals wounds with sound waves?

The thing is that the second season of competitive mode was launched about a week ago form the writing of this article. Now, I’m normally not a super competitive player, I just like to dick around for the fun of it, but this version of competitive play caught my attention because it sorted players by skill ranking. This means that I’d be playing with people who are around my level, instead of being smoked by the true elites of the game I just happened to be matched up with.

The problem is that I’m still not that great at the game, as a result my record suffers because of it. This results in me wanting to fix that, and as a result playing that goddamn game for fucking hours. I should have been asleep a long time ago, but I’m riding a four game losing streak and dammit I need to go out on a win. It’s a vicious cycle. I know I should stop, but pride demands I keep going. This results in my ranking decreasing like crazy while I curse that fucking archer who keeps killing me. Why is there a goddamn archer in the fucking future?! Why is he beating the rocket wielding jet pack trooper?! It makes no sense…but holy shit is it fun.

I’ve actually started to dig myself out of the hole I find myself in, so things are trending in the right direction.

2. The World Cup of Hockey: Is this event necessary? Hell no. Will I watch the ever loving fuck out of it?hockey-world-cup-of-hockey-pre-tournament-team-usa-vs-team-canad-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x725
Absolutely. I love me my hockey, so any excuse for me to watch it I’ll take. Sure the setup for this tournament is goofy, but I’m sure it’ll still be fun.

godzilla-resurgence-banner3. Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence: For those who may not know, I’m a huge Godzilla fan. I have been since I was four years old. I’d heard a while ago that Toho, the studio that created the Godzilla franchise was doing another film. Needless to say I was intrigued. I saw the trailers, all of which made Godzilla look like a goddamn force of nature again. I’m super excited about that. While I will always love the goofy champion of the world Godzilla, there is something to be said for returning him to his roots. Not necessarily as a villain, just an elemental force that can’t be controlled. I cannot wait to see this movie. I’ve found out that they will be having a limited release in North America and desperately hope to see it. If I do I’ll probably write a piece on it. I know there are plenty of those already, but none of them are mine. Godzilla for the Win!

Random Thoughts for the Week
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Random Thoughts for the Week
Random Thoughts for the Week
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