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Quick Thought on Pokemon; Sun and Moon

Quick Thought on Pokemon; Sun and Moon published on No Comments on Quick Thought on Pokemon; Sun and Moon


So hopefully you’ll all forgive me for this being short but I just got off a night shift and am hilariously tired. However, I can’t keep some of these things to myself so I am going to unload some of my thoughts onto you unfortunate people who have decided to read this. Pokémon: Sun and Moon came out recently, and being the colossal goddam Pokémon fan that I am picked up at midnight. Having played it for a real long time by now I have a few things that I would like to talk about.

    1. No More Gyms: So this is one of the more noticeable changes made to this generation of Pokémon games. In previous generations Gym battles were the sign of progression, they were what moved the game along. They are done away with here to be replaced by the Island Challenges. These are more task based events where the player is required to complete certain objectives before they can continue. There is still a battle element in the challenges but overall this is a fresh take on the idea. This is a welcome change for me because it mixes up the formula in a new and exciting way.
    2. No More HM’s: Holy shit all the HM moves are gone! No more will you have to have a party member cursed with carrying the HM moves. This is a really cool thing they did because it allows for more freedom with what moves your Pokémon can learn and means you don’t have to concern yourself with how to get around certain obstacles. Instead of the HM’s we now have ride Pokémon who perform these duties for you but don’t count towards your party limit. You can call these Pokémon at any time you need them to clear rubble or surf across water. It is a huge relief to not have to worry about those goddam HM’s anymore. Plus riding on the Pokémon is just fun as hell and, quite frankly, should have been done a lot sooner. I can’t be the only person to have ever thought, “wait a minute, that thing is huge. Why aren’t I riding that?” Well now we can. And it’s a glorious thing.
    3. Drampa: What the hell is that? Seriously, what the hell is that?


    1. Ice Sandshrew is best Sandshrew: That is all


  1. Charjabug: Ok, seriously now. Charjabug may be my favorite thing ever. Look at that thing, it’s a bus. Like, an actual bus. And it’s an electric/bug Pokémon. Make sense of that. My Charjabug is a goddam tank and it’s amazing. To be fair it’s also dumb as hell, the concept is ludicrous but that won’t stop me. I love my Charjabug. Charjabug is amazing and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.


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