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My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2

My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2 published on No Comments on My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2


My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2 Gurren Lagann Finale.

This was another one of those shows that caught me off guard. The only bit of information I had going in was that it featured giant, fighting robots.

Needless to say that Gurren Lagann was a bit more than that. While the show certainly featured plenty of over the top robot fights and other forms of mind blowing action, it was the emotional punches that this show delivered that really stand out.
I think that’s what truly caught me off guard. Not the over the top aspect of the show, not the ridiculous concept the show is based off of. It’s that in the midst of the madness there are moments of genuine emotion. There were moments that I was laughing, moments that I would be jumping up and down in excitement, yelling in frustration, and more than one occasion where I was crying. I mean legitimately crying, with all the sounds and motions that go with it. I will not cheapen the experience by calling them “man tears.”

That’s what makes the finale so great. It was able to take all the aspects that made the series great as a whole and compressed it into a single episode. What is truly remarkable is that nothing felt shoehorned in. It all felt natural, and it all made sense in its own way.

This episode took me on a roller-coaster of feelings. It made me feel every emotion on the spectrum, leaving me thoroughly exhausted by the end. This episode stepped up the story in every way possible. True to the spirit of the show this finale went big. In every sense of the word. The action was truly insane with this one. I’ve seen a lot of robot fights in my time. This is one of the absolute coolest I’ve seen.

If you haven’t seen the show by now, or my insane rambling haven’t convinced you to watch the show, I’ll just say this; giant robots standing on top of a galaxy throwing other galaxies at each other…’nuff said.

Oh, and how about that wedding at the end? If that doesn’t make you tear up a little bit, you aren’t human.

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My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2
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My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2
My Top 5 “Oh Shit!” Moments in Anime – #2 2. Gurren Lagann Finale.

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