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My Problem

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Ok, so as you may have guessed by the title, I have a problem. Hopefully it is not a problem that affects only me. It is a problem that will only get worse now that Christmas is over and Boxing Day approaches. It is a rather embarrassing problem that I have given my position as a nerd and general practitioner of the anti-social arts. It’s a problem that continues to baffle me as time moves on.

My problem is that I have a hard time starting video games.

It’s weird to me that I can love video games so much and apparently struggle so much to actually play them. I can be so on board the hype train for a certain game that I will avoid sleep so that I can get the game the moment it releases. I will pre-order the game months in advance. I will look my friends in the eye and tell them how much I am going to play the game when I get it and then let the game sit on my shelf collecting dust or let the digital icon stare at me from my console home screen if I download it. I am honestly not sure why I do it, but I have a great number of video games that I have paid money for and haven’t touched yet. This is a problem because when I think about these games I still get excited to play them and I don’t regret spending the money to buy them, but I still won’t play them. I will tell myself “I’ll get to them when the time is right.” And for many of these titles the time, apparently, hasn’t been right. This is really starting to bug me because I know I am missing out on some damn good games for my own dumbass reasons.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to delete games that I haven’t played from my PS4 to make room for new games that will take me time to get to. It’s a really dumb cycle that I continue.

Now, this all isn’t to say that I don’t play any video games, I still play them dammit. Part of the problem is that I’ll get so engrossed in one particular video game that all others just kind of fall the the wayside. Right now, that particular game is Overwatch. I have pretty shamelessly sold my soul to Overwatch at the moment, turns out Christmas themed updates will do that to me. Throw in some Christmas themed stuff and new character skins and I will throw money at you. Overwatch is a lot of fun for me so I’m not complaining about that, I’m just acknowledging that it takes up a great deal of my time because the winter brawl is fun and dammit I need to raise my competitive score. However, this does prevent me from starting new games because I have the itch for Overwatch.

So, the only course of action I can take is to attempt to make a New Year’s resolution to actually sit my ass down and play these goddam games. Once I have I shall attempt to give my very belated opinions about them. Please bear with me here. Just to give you all an idea of what’s in store for me I’m going to give a quick rundown of some of the games.




1: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros/Metal Gear Solid 5:


Quite frankly I have no idea how this one has slipped by me. Let alone how I have managed to avoid spoilers for so long. I love this franchise so I don’t really know why I haven’t jumped in with both feet. This is one of those things I will have to fix rather soon because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one. Also the whole “freedom of infiltration” intrigues me.

2: Final Fantasy Type-0:


This is one that Greg likes to talk about. He says it’s good and I trust that opinion. Plus it a Final Fantasy game, so there’s that. Another one of those games where I have avoided spoilers by some freak occurrence.

3: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:


Ok, so this one hasn’t been out long enough for spoilers to be a super relevant thing but somehow my streak of no spoilers lives on. The Deus Ex series has always interested me, but shockingly I have only really played one other from the series, that being Human Revolution. Everything I have seen about this game looks pretty nutty so I am looking forward to actually playing this at some point.

4: Gravity Rush Remastered:


So this is one that I only got recently so I think I deserve a bit of slack here. This is one of those games that I haven’t really heard much about. What I’ve heard and the little I’ve seen make it seem pretty bonkers so this is near the top of my list. I like the idea of gravity powers so hopefully I can crack this out soon.

5: Final Fantasy 15:


Ok, so this is the big one. I only just got it so again go easy on me for not playing it yet. But I`ve heard nothing but good things about it and Greg and company haven`t stopped talking about it. So while there have been minor spoilers on that front I will be going in largely blind. And again, it`s a Final Fantasy game so how can I go wrong here?

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