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Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time

Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time published on No Comments on Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time

I was watching a new YouTube channel a week ago recommended to me by Greg, called Super Eyepatch Wolf. In it, he does really in-depth analysis of different anime. Some of his most popular videos are Why You Should Watch X (X being a favorite anime of his). They are very well though out, and interesting videos ranging from 20min to 50 min long. If you watch one you will probably end up watching the anime he is analyzing, and appreciating it even more because of his video. Finding this channel came at a perfect time because I was looking for a new anime to enjoy. I stumbled across his video on Mob Psycho 100 (MB100) and two days later I had finished the first season. It was a blast!

In the universe of MB100 there are malevolent spirits that haunt places, harm humans, and can even take control of them. There are also people born with psychic abilities that can see, and fight against these spirits. The main character of this show Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, is a very self-conscious teenager in high-school with no physical gifts or other social talents that would help him become popular. However, he is likely the strongest psychic in existence. Much like One Punch Man, Mob can defeat everything he comes into contact with, without barely trying. That of course could be very dull, but the interesting part about this show, however, is the characters. Mob is shy about his psychic abilities, and doesn’t feel they are any more special then someone who can sing well, or play an instrument. He just wants to fit in, and make friends, so he is determined to work on other areas of himself to improve. Obviously things in the plot transpire that force him to use his powers, but it is this humble lack of confidence that is really endearing to the viewer.

Another cool mechanic of this show is Mob can lose control. When he does, his powers take over and crazy shit happens. He is always worried about hurting others by losing control which is part of the reason he locks his emotions away. However, when he does lose it, boy is it fun to watch. The show does this in a unique way that helps further build the tension for the viewer. When things are happening to Mob that are frustrating or emotional, a percentage counter pops up on screen and shows us how close to 100% he is because at that point he will lose control. That’s just Mob, the other characters in this show are just as endearing once they are developed.

The world building is quite fun, and leaves you wanting to learn more about this crazy universe, and you love all the wacky side characters by the end of the first season too. Mob’s mentor is especially awesome, he is essentially a con artist with no actual psychic abilities, yet he claims through his ads to be the strongest in the world. You expect him to be sleazy, but a juxtaposition is created by his strong sense of morals, and how he coaches and assists Mob. It is really well done.

My only issue is the choice of direction for the animation. It jumps around quite a bit between motion and stills, realistic crisp animation and cartoonish animation. This can be a little jarring in the beginning, but you get used to it quite fast.

I definitely recommended this anime, especially if you liked One Punch Man and are waiting for its inevitable return. It is similar in some ways and yet totally unique and different. It helps, as well, that it is smart and funny. It definitely had me laughing out loud at certain parts.

Let me know what your thoughts are, did you love it, hate it, think it was just OK?

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Mob Psycho 100 - A Good Time
Cole Reviews the first season of Mob Psycho 100.
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