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Meet the team

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Greg PilkingtonCEO/President, Writer
Birthday: May 7
Education: BA English, Mount Royal University
Bio:  Greg has a solid and totally plausible theory that he will one day fire a kamehameha. Until that day though, he’s decided to keep his obviously rampant imagination busy by writing, and running Low Five Productions.  A long time ago he had aspirations of becoming the world’s top scientist in biochemistry, but after realizing that ‘biochemistry’ didn’t mean developing serums for super powers, he figured science fiction and the like fit more to his tastes. He happily writes Shift, video scripts, and other various text based documents for Low Five. He proclaims that Low Five is a masterpiece in the making, you just have to look past all the duct tape first.
Scott Watmough
VP Production, Writing Department Head
Birthday: March 13
Education: BA English, Mount Royal University
Bio: Born to neglectful parents, Scott was raised entirely by suburbanite wolves, who, in between bouts of hunting and mauling taught him to read and write with early 90s issues of The Avengers. Now a university student studying English at Mount Royal, Scott looked back on those comics from his youth and, waist deep in a haze of alcohol, thought to himself “Well shit, I could do that.” When not looking for excuses to procrastinate Scott writes Deadeyes and a secret untitled webcomic,and tries his best to keep his fellow writers in line.
Cole Elliot
CFO, VP Operations
Birthday: February 22
Education: BMS Marketing, University of Lethbridge
Bio: Cole is one of only a handful of people at Low Five who has a job that couldn’t be done by an ambitious monkey with a box of crayons.Much of Cole’s life as well as his role at the company is shrouded in mystery, both because he is a very shadowy figure and because none of the creative members of the team can accurately describe his exact job. “He goes away for a few hours, and by the time he comes back, business has happened.” When not saving the company from financial ruin, Cole enjoys training in kung fu, playing football, reading graphic novels and watching anime. He also once “welted Greg with a grape,” and has yet to let him live it down.
Jasreet “Jazz” Pratap Singh
Art Department Head
Birthday: November 22
Education: BFA Painting, Alberta College of Art and Design
Bio: Born into a privileged family in the heartlands of rural India, Jazz soon tired of the extravagant lifestyle he was leading. So against his family’s wishes he packed his magic carpet and moved to the rugged, uncharted lands of Vancouver, Canada to learn animation from the great lumberjacks who dwelt in secret temples there. When not bushwhacking through foreign lands Jazz illustrates Deadeyes and Shift, as well as the webcomics Comic Girl and Bearly Legal.
Billy Martin
Birthday: December 28
Education: BA English, Mount Royal University
Bio: His coming was foretold by an old gypsy woman and a great comet streaking across the sky. It was said that when Billy came of age he would do great things for the world and lead mankind into a glorious Golden Age. Needless to say none of this has come to pass. These days you will find him working part time at the local Chapters store to fund his ever-increasing comic writerly ambitions. Billy is an avid fan of video games, comic books, and general nerd-dom, which is his inspiration for this comic book venture. When not disappointing long-dead gypsies Billy is the writer of Operator.
Matthew Carberry
Illustrator, self-described “Corporate Lackey”
Birthday: November 1
Education: BFA Drawing, Alberta College of Art and Design
Bio: Matt was raised for the majority of his life in the streets of Calgary, forever wandering the endless path of uncertainty while staring at blank walls and slipping into madness. This would eventually change however as the young illustrator found friends amongst the Low Five organization. When not waxing poetry, Matt studies drawing at the Alberta College of Design while also working on two web comics and illustrating Operator.
James Pantuso
Illustrator, former intern
Birthday: April 9
Education: BFA Drawing, Alberta College of Art and Design
Bio: James likes robots, comics, and video games. Nothing else. In his ideal scenario he would find a way to consume all three at the same time but James’ ambitions currently outrun the steady march of forward progress. He dreams of one day drawing comics “for a living” and plans to use Low Five as the stepping stones in order to achieve his lifelong goals of “building a functional Gundam…I mean, drawing.” When not plotting the company’s downfall James is an all-purpose character and concept artist as well as the illustrator of Scott and James’ Secret Robot-Related Webcomic Project.
Ashlyn Elliot
Graphic Design & Marketing
Birthday: July 25
Education: Digital Graphic Communications Diploma – SAIT, Masters Course – Florence Design Academy, 7+ years field experience
Bio: “Sassy, classy, and a bit smart assy,” Ashlyn wasn’t ‘hired’ so much as she was morally inclined to ‘impose herself on the company’ when it became apparent that Low Five needed some graphical improvements. After she amazed Greg with revisions to the logo and some great marketing ideas, it became abundantly clear that Low Five needed her expertise in design. She enjoys tall glasses of wine, travelling, beer pong, and occasionally torturing her little brother Cole “for entertainment value.” She has self-described passions for designing jewelry and dance, and she can also make some killer cakes. When not distributing healthy doses of sarcasm, Ashlyn has her own fancy-smancy professional graphic design company called Ellicentric Designs.


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