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Low Five Plays Until Dawn…Soon

Low Five Plays Until Dawn…Soon published on No Comments on Low Five Plays Until Dawn…Soon

Until DawnHey, just a quick update from me today. Until Dawn released this Tuesday. I’m only about half way through the sumbitch, but it’s been really solid so far. I’ve been recording my play-through and I’ll be releasing some let’s play of me and the rest of the Low Five team taking a crack at the game. Most of the team enjoys a good horror film and I think, for now anyways, this our best opportunity to be put into a horror film-like situation and see who does the best; not including Scott who has watched some footage on the game and most likely knows some of the more optimal decisions.

Each person on the team will be given the opportunity to do a whole play-through and then I’ll edit their runs and release the highlights. We most likely won’t release any full play-throughs unless there is some sort of demand for them.


Anyways, I hope you look forward to seeing me poop myself on camera!




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