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Some news about “Iron Hands McGee”

Some news about “Iron Hands McGee” published on No Comments on Some news about “Iron Hands McGee”

A big Change for “Iron Hands McGee”

irhFor those who were following the series of Iron Hands McGee, you might have noticed the rather lack of updates for quite a while. First and foremost, my sincerest apologies for jumping off like that; life and big changes have been going on. Of course, I try not to make excuses, because if I ever expect to let projects like McGee get off the ground with success, commitment is required.

What are these big changes you may ask? Well, first off, let’s just get this out right now; the current story of “Iron Hands McGee” has been cancelled. I know for some who have read the series, this may already seem like a no brainier, due once again to a lack of updates. Now hear me out (or read me out), this does not mean McGee is dead. Rather, I would prefer to say it is very much alive, just going into a new direction.

Basically, a reboot.

Some of you might ask “why?”, I’ve heard it before; the story is fine as it is, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Truth is Iron Hands was very much broken in my opinion. The problem was attempting to tell something on a large scale, with very little understanding of the medium. Comics are wonderful mediums of storytelling, but they are also one of the most difficult. Not only are you trying to convey a story, you’re taking visuals into consideration too! I know this may sound like more excuses, but the truth is I want Iron Hands to be something more than what it is.

Sure, it would be easy to just keep going and let the art and storytelling improve through process, but that will happen regardless. I feel now as the creator with the skills and know how I’ve acquired over time, that the series can be something even greater. When the original story was in production, there was a lack of preparation on my part. Scripts and plot points were not fully fleshed out, so basically everything was being made up as I went along. Because of this, there were certain plot holes or other inconsistencies that just made everything feel..well..sloppy. With a new reboot on the way, I want the stories of McGee to be more fleshed out, well planed and not something done last minute (which is what most of the pages felt like).

As we speak, new scripts and story arcs are being written out, complete with brand new characters and a brand new story. Yes, certain elements like the concept of the “Ancient Technology” and the mythos of the Iron Hands will still be present, but you will see much bigger changes that I, personally, feel it is for the better. So I ask now, for those of you have been following my story, to please forgive me for my long and inexcusable absence. It was not fair to suddenly bail out for those of you who did enjoy reading the early McGee, but I ask that you please hang on, exciting things are on the way!

Lastly, I want to also inform you guys that it is going to take some time. Everything is moving, but there is still much to be fleshed out. In the mean time, however, that doesn’t mean all will be completely quiet on my end; expect to see updates with concept art and short comic previews in the near future, to hopefully tie over your appetites. Also, because Iron Hands McGee is such a bigger story on a larger scale, I feel practice in shorter stories would be an ample way to better understand narrative as a whole. Therefore, within the next few short months, I will make an announcement about a “short story” idea that will take place in the McGee world. I can’t say much right now, but keep checking in every Wednesday to see what new and exciting McGee new will show up!

To all of those who have been following McGee, I thank you, and I once again apologise. I have had a lot of encouragement to keep going with this idea, and rest assured, that confidence has not withered. Until then fellow comic readers, I bid you a short “see ‘ya” until next week.

All the best and yours truly,

Matt Carberry.


Here’s a small concept sketch of what kind of improvements you can expect in the future,
a brand new suit and design for our hero, Ms. McGee!


(Note: actually, this concept sketch is a tad old itself, so you can imagine the improvement’s
you can expect in the near future!)


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Some news about
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