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The Low Five Story and Mission

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Low Five Productions was literally created in a basement one day when we were discussing the current state of affairs of some of our favourite superheroes. For us there is nothing better than a good issue of Batman, Daredevil, or Iron Man–to list a few–but lately we’ve felt that there’s been something lacking from the giants we’ve come to love. Consequences. With no slight to the incredibly talented creative teams of all our favourite stories, a constant dilemma is that superheroes don’t really have to deal with the consequences, or rather, they don’t have to deal with them for all that long. With a multitude of fans, writers and illustrators, and parallel/multiple dimensions, it’s no wonder that even iconic deaths like that of Bucky Barnes and Jason Todd are stricken from the books and revived with new vigour. There’s a lot of creativity going their way and a lot of demand for peoples’ favourite heroes to stay in print.


At Low Five Productions, we won’t let that kind of shit slide. No way. Nah-uh. We write characters that live, love, age, and eventually die. We want the actions of a hero to mean something, something that, due to their immense powers, shapes and scars the world permanently. These people are supposed to be ‘super’, right? Their actions, like the rest of us, have consequences, but their actions are on a larger scale. Then, in the afterglow of a great amount of ranting and raving, one amongst us asked, “why don’t we do that?”


Why don’t we write a superhero universe with real consequences?


Then we did. And here we are…


Since we’re a super ambitious bunch  of lovable misfits, we also decided it was best if we took our pristine talents and apply them to video shorts, let’s plays, and even weekly updated webcomics! We won’t stop there either, we’re always going to strive to deliver more and interesting content to the world at large. First we’ll dominate the internet, then the world. Might as well jump on the wagon now, right?


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