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About Us

Low Five Productions is an ambitious, entertaining, and creative nexus for an eclectic group of artists and writers. Originally, Low Five was created so that a group of Calgary locals could work on their respective crafts and create engaging and interesting new comics. However, Low Five grew to be much more since its five founding members’ initial plan. It became not just a labour of love, but a legitimate goal for the future. Low Five gained four more members and went from making comics to every form of entertainment its staff could feasibly create. The artists and writers became directors, actors, designers, editors, promoters, event coordinators, and more. Through the strength of its members, Low Five is driven to be a full time production house dedicated to delivering great content.

Meet The Team

Greg Pilkington
Greg Pilkington is tired all of the time. People tell him to get more rest, but he’s too jacked on digesting and making content through writing, directing, and editing that he doesn’t have time for sleep. We figure he’ll tucker himself out eventually…we hope. He also runs the company.
Cole Elliot
Cole Elliot was once described as Superman and we’ve never heard the end of it. When he’s not inflating his ego by trying to perfect his square jawline, he helps run the company and is more than willing to write, act, and annoy Greg.
Jasreet “Jazz” Pratap Singh
Jazz Singh comes from the far off land of India. When he landed in Canada, his family told him to get a job as a cabbie or a gas station attendant. He said “fuck that,” and became a wicked artist instead.
Scott Watmough
Scott Watmough claims he can walk into any coffee shop and be in the top percentile of writers in the place. It’s too bad he always goes in around closing cause he’s a complete night owl. He does, however, know how to write well and talk quickly and loudly.
Billy Martin
Writer Billy Martin has a Godzilla t-shirt on his wall that he got when he was a kid. If you touch it, he will destroy you. Just ask his ex-girlfriend. He uses his child-like wonderment towards Godzilla and the like to write wild adventures like A Little Off the Top.
James Pantuso
James Pantuso is on a never ending journey to find the world’s greatest Mac and Cheese. It’s an elusive mistress though, so in his downtime from one mac and cheese to the next, he likes to draw kick-ass robots.
Ethan Ror
Ethan Ror wears his heart on his sleeve. But much like Ed from BNL, he has a history of losing his shirt. As a result of his reckless abandonment though, he’s managed to become a great artist, photographer, and a pretty decent soprano.
Samer Abbas
Samer Abbas loves whiskey and digital landscapes. You’ll most likely find him at a bar drawing up a storm, having a smoke, or giving you the death look because he don’t want none of yo’ shit.

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