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Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done

Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done published on No Comments on Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done

I’ve been up to quite a bit in recent weeks, entertainment wise anyways. I’ve taken a hiatus from writing because I have been working on a side project. Hopefully more on that in the near future. In my next few journal entries this week I’m going to do a quick recap on what I’ve been watching lately.

Hannibal Season 2

After finishing the first season I never intended to watch the second. However, once I did some research for the article I wrote on the first season, I was drawn in to give it a try. I mean people were saying it was one of the best seasons of a show they had ever seen, period. That’s a lot of hype, but did it live up to it?

It does not, sorry to fans of the show. I will give you that the first two or three episodes were good, but then it goes back to becoming completely unbelievable. To me that is the part that murders this show for me (pun intended haha). For example, Hannibal is somehow able to get into a court house, murder a judge in his office, and then take the time to set up a ridiculous display of the body in the court room, all without anyone ever noticing. Have you ever been to a court house? There are police everywhere, cameras, metal detectors, locked rooms people have to buzz you into. One does not simply stroll in and kill someone, and then have the time to set up the body in an elaborate way, all the while leaving no evidence behind. The story telling gets worse as the season goes on, as if the writers are writing this week to week and are not really sure where the story is going, apart from the goal “how can we shock the audience this week?”. I put this show down with a couple episode left, completely disinterested.

Of course there are positives, the acting is still amazing, the cinematography, again, is used superbly – setting the perfect tone for each episode. However, my overall verdict is to skip this show. Read the books, watch the movies, and from what I’ve read about it go watch True Detective instead. That is next on my watch list. Actually if you want an amazing gritty detective show, go watch Luther on Netflix. I highly recommend that show!

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Hannibal Season 2 - I'm Done
Cole reviews season two of Hannibal.
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