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Sorry Folks, short article today. But also a non-wrestling related one, see I do other things. So, I got some good news today. I wake up, nothing new. I check my phone, not a lot going on. I open my phone, some talk from my friends, that’s normal. I check the news, and that’s when I see it, the glorious ray of light in this darkening world of winter. That is when I found out that it was time to celebrate. It was time to celebrate because Warner Bros. Animation has announced the series Young Justice is returning in a long hoped-for Season 3.


That’s right folks, YOUNG JUSTICE IS BACK!


Like I said, this is good news. While Warner Bros. Animation has not officially announced a release date this is still a very big deal for fans of the show, such as myself and many other members of Low Five. For me, just knowing that production on the new season is beginning now is enough to send me to the moon. Young Justice was too good of a show to let it go out the way it did. The show-runners were told about halfway through the second season that the show would be cancelled due to sub-par toy sales. This left the creative team scrambling in an attempt to wrap up the show with the last remaining episodes. While the team running the show did an admirable job in wrapping up as many of the open story-lines as they could, the show still felt very rushed towards the end. That was a real shame because the show deserved so much more than that.

This was a show that genuinely made the audience care about its characters, told compelling stories, told long term stories that would carry over between the seasons. There was so much going on for this show that it was rather baffling that it was cancelled in the first place. Seriously, this show didn’t stop at being a cartoon for children; it went to a great many uncomfortable places for the sake of the story and in an effort to continue building up the characters. An example being the time that Miss Martian tried to implant love in Superboy’s head. That idea seems like its way above the standard for other animated shows. The idea of a young woman trying to change the way another human being thinks and feels is amazingly creepy, but it is also very compelling when a viewer takes into account the reasons Miss Martian tried the act in the first place.

Now that one act from Miss Martian has so much that can be discussed that it could form its own article, and maybe I’ll try to make that happen at some point. But for now let’s all just revel and bask in the fact that young justice will be coming back to our screens. That we can finally get a continuation of one of the best superhero shows I have seen in a long time. And with the news that the original producers have returned bodes very well for the returning show going forward.

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