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Gone Home: My Impressions

Gone Home: My Impressions published on No Comments on Gone Home: My Impressions

Gone HomeUnfortunately I will have to keep this brief as it is early in the morning and I work night-shifts. I know I said a series of articles about my take on the Freelancer Saga would be coming, but I have to make this one short digression I’ll start out by saying that until recently Gone Home was a P.C exclusive game until very recently so I had not had the chance to play it. It came to me strongly recommended by my friend Lee. I had never seen him so adamant about something like this before. Lee is a person who I can totally trust with my gaming or entertainment life without worry, so for him to tell me to literally drop what I was doing to get this game caught my attention. Needless to say, I was not let down. If you the reader have had a chance to play before seeing this, I hope you will agree that this game gave us a unique experience that I hadn’t really gotten before. Once again I hope any readers who have already played the game will agree.I fear that I can’t say too much about Gone Home because I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone. If you have the opportunity to go into this game blind, I strongly encourage you to do so. Lee told me not to google anything about the title, look for nothing on the internet, to go in with as little information as possible. So I did. And I was rewarded for keeping myself in the dark on this one. I will say again, if you haven’t yet played this game and know nothing about it….keep it that way. Go in with fresh eyes like I did and you will have a very interesting time.

This game starts out simply enough; with the main character Katie coming home from a year-long trip to Europe. She is standing on the front porch of the family house; it’s dark and you canGone Home Fam hear a terrible storm overhead. That’s where I’m going to leave my description of this game. If I say anymore it may give away too much because I will want to talk about every little thing in this work that worked so well, and I would have to go over what they are, what they did, and essentially the overall plot. So that is where I’ll leave, on a darkened front porch of a house in the woods, on a dark and stormy night. Really sets the atmosphere, right?

That is what I really want to talk about the most, the atmosphere of the game. It positively overflows here. It oozes out of every wall. Seeps out of every floor, is seen through every darkened window. This game built atmosphere unlike many that I had seen before. This is something you really need to experience for yourself as the story unfolds (I will also say that the story structure is actually very interesting as well). The game itself has a relatively simple structure, but you are so wrapped up in everything that you find that throughout the game you quickly forget about how simple the game is.

Gone Home Does itMinutes into this game and I was feeling many different emotions. You learn more about the characters that aren’t on screen from various items around the area and that alone is amazing. But the atmosphere shifts as you move along the house. At one point I wondered if all the lights I was leaving on or the doors I was leaving open was a good thing, bad thing, or if it even mattered at all. The atmosphere of the game pulled me into it in such an extent that I spent a solid fifteen minutes standing still wondering if I should close the door, just to be safe. I was so enveloped in that particular time that I was legitimately wasting time over a door and how it might come into play later.

I’ve probably said more than I wanted to at this point, but seriously, go play this game. It is totally worth the $20 it is on PSN right now. I was a little late to the party so maybe it was more well-known back in 2013 when it was first released. But I feel like it deserves much more attention than it’s getting now. Seriously, play this game. I will more than likely do a follow-up on this one, it’ll be a bit more detail oriented as to what exactly I liked about it, so consider this to be a spoiler warning. Rest assured that I will get back to the Project Freelancer bit very soon.

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