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Cinderella’s a Cyborg?

Cinderella’s a Cyborg? published on No Comments on Cinderella’s a Cyborg?


CinderThis week I have been introduced to a very interesting series of books. They were recommended to me by a close friend, as well as my sister, and as an unashamed lover of teen fiction novels, this meant I had to read them. I finished the first of the series yesterday. It is called Cinder and is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I was pleasantly surprised; an easy read like

cyborgmost teen fiction, but it was the creativity and world building that kept me reading. Imagine a world far in the future where the moon has been populated for so long that they have developed uniquely from the people of earth, thereare androids and flying cars, earth politically has been divided up into a few large colonies, there is a plague going on, high tensions exist between the “Lunars” and people of earth, oh and now throw in the story of Cinderella… and she’s a cyborg.

Without giving anything away the story follows Cinder, a teenage girl who spends her time fixing machines to pay for her stepmother and two sisters to live, and well it’s the story of Cinderella… so you know how it goes. However, the fact that you know the story already doesn’t detract from reading it, sure it’s predictable (kind of the point) it actually makes you more interested because you are searching for the symbolism and connections to the story you know while it takes place in this crazy futuristic world.
From what I understand about this series is that each book covers a different fairy tale, elegantly weaving it into the world and story started in the first book.

There are five books in the series (if you include the prequel), with the final book and conclusion to the story to come out in the next 2 months. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of these books, and if you’ve read them already or go and do so after this post, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Off to go read about futuristic little red riding hood… never thought I’d say that… 😉

Cinderella's a Cyborg?
Article Name
Cinderella's a Cyborg?
Cole Elliot Talks about the first book Cinder in the Lunar Chronicles series.

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