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Riverdale – Hit or Flop?

Riverdale – Hit or Flop? published on 1 Comment on Riverdale – Hit or Flop?

I was surprised to see this advertised when I first saw it on Netflix, and it was fun putting two and two together reading the synopsis – “is this Archie comics?”. I was never really into the comics growing up, but one of my best friends sure was, so because of that, and at the behest of my girlfriend, I watched the first three episodes. Now, I realise I am not the target audience for this show, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.Continue reading Riverdale – Hit or Flop?

Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

Hannibal – Worth Devouring? published on No Comments on Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

I just finished the first season of Hannibal the television series. It’s dark, morbid, and probably one of the most gruesome shows ever on television. Hannibal is loosely based around the book The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. The story surrounds FBI agent Jack Crawford, brilliant profiler Will Graham, and of course Hannibal Lecter, all characters from the book. For a good show, I found it hard to finish that first season.Continue reading Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

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