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Character Design: Meet “Kadir”

Character Design: Meet “Kadir” published on 1 Comment on Character Design: Meet “Kadir”

Today I present to you a character concept; “Kadir”, a young archeologist in training who searches
the ruins to learn more about “Golems”. His character design came to me, when I was trying to think
of a kind of “contrast” to Abbey. Unlike Ms. McGee, who is rather rowdy, rough and outspoken, Kadir takes
a much more subtle approach to certain things. His bright mind and insightful nature is enough to
grow on anyone, though his tendancy to be a bit worrisome can sometimes affect what he truly
wishes to pursue in life.

Perhaps someone such as Abbey can help push him out of his comfort zone?


Iron Hands McGee concepts: “The Golems”

Iron Hands McGee concepts: “The Golems” published on No Comments on Iron Hands McGee concepts: “The Golems”

Today friends I thought I’d show something a bit more..menacing!
These metal titans are known as “Golems”, a name given for their ginormous and mechanical structure. Much about these creatures remain a mystery, but
are believed to hold some form of connection to the ancient societies of the “Creators”.

More concepts to follow on the way!

Meet the McGee’s!

Meet the McGee’s! published on No Comments on Meet the McGee’s!

Here’s some concept art I’ve been dishing out for the new concept of “Iron Hands McGee”, today we’re taking a look at something that will be a big difference
to the new series.

The McGee Famliy!

Yes, that’s right, McGee will no longer be a orphan girl. When the original story began, Abbey (or as she was simply called, “McGee”) had no recollection of a family
or what happened in her past life. Her life, much like the Iron Hands, where a mystery. I found myself rather bored of the idea, perhaps it has a lot to do with
being tired of the typical “main character searching their past/lost memory” scenario. In the reboot, I want Abbey to have more depth, enriched by those around
her. I feel there is no better way to truly relate to someone than getting to see their family members, so I felt a drastic change in her backstory was needed.

Stick around for future updates on McGee progress!

-Matthew “Draw”berry 😛

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