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Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part Deux

Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part Deux published on No Comments on Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part Deux

Ta'UricHard Mode Can Suck It – Part Deux


So last week I got rather rant-y and bashed on ‘Hard’ mode in BioShock Infinite, and I feel like I need to clarify a bit now. Considering where games are now today, I was lucky to be born when I was born. I didn’t have to wait for the polish the original NES brought to gaming at home; it was already established and it had some of gamings’ greatest titles even to this day. The gaming industry had gone through some rough patches and controversies, but by the time I really had awareness and could game, the industry seemed secure, though I wouldn’t say it was booming like it is today. The industry makes more money now and, well, mo’ money, mo’ problems.

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Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part One

Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part One published on 1 Comment on Hard Mode Can Suck It – Part One

hard mode betterHard Mode Can Suck It – Part One


Several years ago a friend of mine said, “you know, Greg, we’ve been gaming our whole lives, we should play games exclusively on ‘Hard’.” My friend–let’s call this dude X because I can’t remember which friend it was–essentially was saying to a certain degree, games have become easier these days, and to retain the challenge we had as kids, we should play those games on their harder difficulties. I really can’t remember which friend put that thought in my head, but fuck that guy. Since then, I think I can count on one hand how many games I’ve played on the “Normal” difficulty when difficulty settings are available. I love being challenged in games, and some games really need to be played on their hardest difficulties to get a challenge out of them, but that isn’t always the case. Some games are built to be a challenge on their ‘Normal’ setting. I know this when my cursor hovers back and forth between ‘Normal’ and ‘Hard’ at the beginning of a game, yet more often than not, the words of the faceless head of X circling around me pokes my pride to choose the harder difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, I love beating a game I’m playing on its hardest difficulty so I can boast to my friends who only played it on ‘Normal’. Those losers. But sadly, the reward of gloating has sometimes come at the price of enjoying the game. Just because ‘Hard’ offers a more challenging game doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of that challenge is any good.

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Final Fantasy 7 – The Undertaking

Final Fantasy 7 – The Undertaking published on No Comments on Final Fantasy 7 – The Undertaking

FF7 RemakeFinal Fantasy 7 – The Undertaking

I remember several conversations with friends about why Square Enix hadn’t remade Final Fantasy VII yet, as I know many others have also talked about. Personally, I’ve always subscribed to two theories. One, they never needed to make it, financially they were doing fine, and they’ve always known how much they could profit from the venture–the break in case of emergency theory; and two, they needed to feel confident that when they did remake Final Fantasy VII, they’d be able to go all out and appease the mass fandom that the game has generated. However, this undertaking isn’t as easy as just getting it down, and then roll in the fat stacks that rain down from it. Touching this classic comes with risks. Lots of risk, actually. This isn’t just an HD version of the classic; as stressed by the trailer teased at E3, they’re doing a Remake. For all intents and purposes, they’re making a new game from scratch with the template of the original FFVII.

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