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Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time

Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time published on No Comments on Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time

I was watching a new YouTube channel a week ago recommended to me by Greg, called Super Eyepatch Wolf. In it, he does really in-depth analysis of different anime. Some of his most popular videos are Why You Should Watch X (X being a favorite anime of his). They are very well though out, and interesting videos ranging from 20min to 50 min long. If you watch one you will probably end up watching the anime he is analyzing, and appreciating it even more because of his video. Finding this channel came at a perfect time because I was looking for a new anime to enjoy. I stumbled across his video on Mob Psycho 100 (MB100) and two days later I had finished the first season. It was a blast!
Continue reading Mob Psycho 100 – A Good Time

Voltron Season 2

Voltron Season 2 published on No Comments on Voltron Season 2

I really enjoyed the first season. It was mindless fun you could sit down, turn your brain off, and just enjoy. Power Rangers in space with characters and humor similar to Avatar, what’s not to like? The first season gave us awesome character development, world building (universe building), and a great sense of foreboding for things to come. I eagerly anticipated the second season, and watched it right away when it came out. Was it as good as the first?Continue reading Voltron Season 2

Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done

Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done published on No Comments on Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done

I’ve been up to quite a bit in recent weeks, entertainment wise anyways. I’ve taken a hiatus from writing because I have been working on a side project. Hopefully more on that in the near future. In my next few journal entries this week I’m going to do a quick recap on what I’ve been watching lately.

Hannibal Season 2

After finishing the first season I never intended to watch the second. However, once I did some research for the article I wrote on the first season, I was drawn in to give it a try. I mean people were saying it was one of the best seasons of a show they had ever seen, period. That’s a lot of hype, but did it live up to it?Continue reading Hannibal Season 2 – I’m Done

Trollhunters – Worth the Watch

Trollhunters – Worth the Watch published on No Comments on Trollhunters – Worth the Watch

Recently, I was looking for something lighthearted and fun to watch. I stumbled across Netflix’s new show Trollhunters. It turned out to be both those things with the bonus of being a lot of fun!Continue reading Trollhunters – Worth the Watch

Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

Hannibal – Worth Devouring? published on No Comments on Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

I just finished the first season of Hannibal the television series. It’s dark, morbid, and probably one of the most gruesome shows ever on television. Hannibal is loosely based around the book The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. The story surrounds FBI agent Jack Crawford, brilliant profiler Will Graham, and of course Hannibal Lecter, all characters from the book. For a good show, I found it hard to finish that first season.Continue reading Hannibal – Worth Devouring?

The OA – Binge Worthy

The OA – Binge Worthy published on No Comments on The OA – Binge Worthy

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a new show to watch when out of the blue a friend texted me, and told me I needed to watch a new Netflix series called The OA. I trust her opinion, and so Christmas Day I started watching it, and was enthralled right away. The OA is a deep and heartfelt story, wrapped around belief, mental illness, a struggle to to be understood, and to make a difference – common themes among all the main characters.Continue reading The OA – Binge Worthy

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