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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo wrap-up

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo wrap-up published on No Comments on Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo wrap-up


Hey everyone,

Just thought we’d give you an update on our time at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. As many of you know CCEE was Low Five’s first con ever as an organization and despite a few initial hiccups we’re happy to report that it was extremely successful!

We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves for the way we were able to come together and produce a booth that didn’t embarrass anybody, haha. And it was so great meeting all of you and being able to interact with our fans and supporters, as well as make some new friends that were both expo attendees and members of the comic book community.


To those of you that were hoping to get physical copies of the comic book, we apologize. There was an issue with distribution and we weren’t able to get them printed in time, but worry not! The first issue of our comic series, “Deadeyes #1”, is available entirely for free on the website as a compromise until we do a run of physical copies, which we’re planning to have in time for the Edmonton Expo in early September. And of course, when they are printed you guys will be the first to know! As always, if you’re looking for up-to-the-minute news about Low Five (And really, who isn’t?) remember to check the website, as well as our Facebook (/lowfiveproductions) and our Twitter (@LowFiveProd)

Once again we just want to thank everyone who’s been able to support us in this endeavor, both old and new. We’re doing this for you guys and without you we would be like…accountants or something. Except for Cole, he’s sort of an accountant regardless.

Hope to see you all next con!

  • The Low Five team

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