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Broken Wing Concept Art

Broken Wing Concept Art published on No Comments on Broken Wing Concept Art

Hey Low-Fivers! (is that a thing..? Low…Fivers? Whatever.)



Now that my short comic is out, I thought i’d share some of the concept work that went into the main machine. I liked this guy, took some inspiration from Armored Core, and some of the enemy suits from Gundam. I love Robots. I will try to include him in the main story at some point down the road.

Speaking of which, we are currently reformatting Broken Wing, which is why you haven’t seen anything in a bit (that and school. SO MUCH SCHOOL.) and i think we’ve reached a cool new way to tell our story. So look forward to that in the future. Anyways enjoy this image here.



Until next time! – J.P







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