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Hell in a Cell Predictions

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I hope you’ll all forgive me for this but I’m going to let my wrestling freak flag continue to fly. This Sunday WWE will be putting on the RAW exclusive PPV Hell in a Cell. Now, despite the fact that the Hell in a Cell matches themselves have lost a lot of their mystique, and there are three such matches on this card, there are still plenty of intriguing story lines and matches going in. I’m going to be giving a quick rundown of each match, who I think will win, and why. So without further ado let’s dive in.

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari


My pick: Alexander, Dorado and Sin Cara.

This is the kick off match on the pre-show and hopefully this gets the crowd invested. As this bout features the cruiserweights in action it really should get the fans going. My concern with this match is that the WWE won’t give these guys the proper amount of time to really show their stuff. All of these competitors are insanely talented and are capable of putting on great matched provided with ample time. Since the cruiserweights were reintroduced recently they haven’t been given much chance to show off for the fans so hopefully this match will feature plenty of high flying moves and lots of flippy shit. Look for the face team to win this one and make the fans happy.


Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship


My pick: Roman Reigns.

In the first actual Hell in a Cell match of the evening expect this on to be a brawl. Roman and Rusev have shown in the past that they can work well together, and hopefully these two actually make use of the Hell in a Cell stipulation. These two are both talented wrestlers who have hard hitting offence so if anyone is going to make the Cell match look good it’s these guys. You can pretty much count on Roman Reigns winning this one. He only recently won the U.S title and it’s much too soon to have him drop it. Right now Roman Reigns is in the perfect spot in his career and there should be no hurry to change that right now. Both guys will look strong in what is, hopefully, anyway, a great and hard hitting match.


Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson


My pick: Enzo and Cass.

As much as I would like to pick Gallows and Anderson I just can’t. It seems like WWE have done everything in their power to bury these two. It’s a real shame because Gallows and Anderson are a very talented team that deserve better. That said the WWE don’t have much choice here other than to put Enzo and Cass over. Right now Enzo and Cass are one of the hottest acts around and, as much as I hate to say it, a loss to Gallows and Anderson would hurt their momentum. As Enzo and Cass seem to be the future RAW tag team champs in waiting it’s probably for the best if they win.


Bayley vs Dana Brooke


My pick: Bayley.

There really is no reason for Bayley to lose here. These two women have been putting on a decent feud s of late with Dana playing the scheming, loudmouth bully to oppose Bayley. With Dana picking up a few questionable wins over Bayley in recent weeks it makes sense for Bayley to come out on top in this one. A win for Bayley would keep her relevant in the women’s title picture while Dana Brooke can look strong in defeat.


T.J. Perkins vs Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship


My pick: Brian Kendrick.

This is an interesting match for me. The build-up has actually been given a decent amount of time and the story is actually interesting. Brian Kendrick has been shown as the aging veteran who knows that his time in the sport is coming to an end (he’s 37 by the way) who is desperate for the win to feed his family. The thing is Brian Kendrick is the bad guy here. Since he returned to the WWE he is being shown as this crafty heel who will cheat to get what he wants, all while playing his character perfectly. The youthful champ in T.J. Perkins is the perfect opponent for him. What also makes this match interesting is that Kendrick actually asked Perkins to lose intentionally. This could add a lot of drama to what could be match of the night. Given enough time to tell the story and to show off what they can do in the ring, these two may steal the show. Look for Brian Kendrick to steal the win in this one.


The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships


My pick: Cesaro and Sheamus.

I’m taking a gamble on this one by picking Cesaro and Sheamus. The New Day are closing in on setting the all-time record for longest tag team title reign in WWE history, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they won. However, I feel like their act would be rejuvenated and given a new focus if they were instead chasing the belts again. Cesaro and Sheamus have been oddly entertaining to me with their act of partners who don’t get along. I think that if Cesaro and Sheamus were to win the belts here it would be a step in the right direction for their act. A loss would really set these two back and potentially kill any momentum they had built up to this point. I really think that a Cesaro and Sheamus win will benefit both teams going forward, as weird as that sounds.


Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship


My pick: Kevin Owens.

In the second Hell in a Cell match on the card there really is no other way for this to turn out. Kevin Owens has to win. As the Universal Title is still fairly new having it switch hands here runs the risk of devaluing a title that is already struggling to be relevant with the fans. Owens is still relatively early on in his title reign so a victory here would further cement him as the top guy on Raw right now. That is in no way a bad thing. Kevin Owens is ludicrously charismatic so the title should stay on him for the time being. Hopefully this match also makes use of the Cell stipulation as these two guys could take a great match and really turn it into something special. Both Owens and Rollins are very talented and, if given the opportunity could make this a truly great Hell in a Cell match. Now the real thing to consider is whether or not someone interferes in this match. As Kevin Owens is “best friends” with Chris Jericho it wouldn’t be too crazy to think Jericho may try to get involved.
However, we should keep a look out for Triple H, the man who gifted the title to Owens and screwed over Seth Rollins. The characters of Triple H and Chris Jericho also point to Kevin Owens retaining the title. It is a widely held belief that Seth Rollins is destined for a Wrestlemania showdown with his former mentor Triple H.
On the other side Kevin Owens seems likely to have a feud with his now “best friend” Chris Jericho. With all these factors coming into play look for Kevin Owens to retain the title, hopefully with a clean win.


Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship


My pick: Sasha Banks.

So this is the really big match on the card. The first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match. As I’ve said before there really isn’t a better choice right now for this match than Sasha Banks and Charlotte. They’ve shown repeatedly that they work very well together and their matches have always been highlight’s of whatever card they’re on. Sasha Banks needs this win more than Charlotte right now, mainly because she’s never beaten Charlotte in a PPV match before. If they are going to establish Banks as a legitimate champion that needs to change. One thing that I like about this match is that the build-up has been very good. The WWE are really trying to emphasise how terrifying this match should be. Credit to both women, they’ve been able to convey that they understand how dangerous and scary this match can be. Now, hopefully these two can put on a great match, but I also want these two to be safe. While there Summerslam match was good it was also very ambitious, that spot where Charlotte accidentally dropped Sasha on her neck was terrifying. I’m sure these two will burn the house to the ground with this match, Look for Sasha to walk away with the title.

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